Blepharitis: The Most Common Eye Lid Disease

Blepharitis is a chronic, intermittent and bilateral inflammation of the eyelids, it is the most common disease of the eye lids . About 20% of the adult population over the age of 45 suffers from blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction. Study More

Blepharitis: (Part2)

I will be talking about the symptoms, the consequences of having blepharitis on the eyes and how this disease can be treated, while covering some of the syndromes associated with the disease and its prognosis. Study More

The Pathophysiology of Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is one of the major causes of visual loss in the industrial countries1, which affects about 3-6% of the population in these developed countries2, 3. Study More

Understanding Keratoconus

The word keratoconus is formed by two Greek words; kerato, meaning cornea and konos, meaning cone. Keratoconus is condition in which the shape of the cornea which usually round is distorted, developing a cone - shaped bulge, resulting in decreased or distorted vision. Study More

Management of Keratoconus

Management of keratoconus has advanced during the last few years and still in progress. As there are new modalities of treatment, it is better to say that there are traditional modalities and modern modalities of treatment rather than saying old and new. Study More


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