Membership Packages

Eyezone Institute of Opticianry offers Membership Program, which is a project aimed at cultivating the educational aptitude of our industry’s manpower. It is a privilege that keeps on going and an investment for an organizations staff development. The program offers individual membership levels for Optical industry professionals for their professional improvement.

The program covers a wide variety of courses that would help members learn progressive lenses basics, contact lens essentials, important knowledge on ophthalmic lenses, and become an expert on sunglasses, polarized lenses, and sales, with client-centred marketing. The program also provides the opportunity to review and refresh the member’s optical knowledge, as well as, learn the latest strategies for better performance.

Program Details

As a privileged member of the Eyezone institute of Opticianry, the participant will receive a Membership card (refer to picture below) and will be eligible for the following services such as; Membership Card Sample

    • First to get notified for all our new courses.

    • Free Participation in the sponsored courses.

    • Special Discounts on all courses.


To become a part of the Eyezone Institute membership program, the participants should send your request to or visit us at our institute.

This program is student-friendly as reputed sponsors cover the training costs, while our faculty strives to consistently provide quality education. Our Membership classes are also flexible that students have the liberty to choose among the list of courses and schedules according to their target training levels, as well as, their work timetables *.

*All classes are available in both Arabic and English languages.
*Students can choose convenient timings or customize their schedules.
*This course is exclusive to optical personnel and staff.

 Minimum Hours


2 Hours

 Minimum Sessions


30 Sessions (60 Hours)

 Two-hour Program


Timings: 9:00-11:00 AM any day of the week or 2:00-4:00 PM any day of the week

Course List

1. Refraction Standardization Course (comprehensive)
2. Visual Acuity
3. Retinoscope
4. Best Vision Sphere and Cylindrical refraction
5. +1.00 test, accommodation control and binocular balance
6. Near refraction
7. Slit Lamp Course

For complete details on the course calendar please contact us.

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